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We must take care of Nature, for Nature take care of Us

If there’s something that this pandemic thought us, is that we must care of Nature, for Her take care of us! It’s unavoidable and irreversible.

It’s all in our hands and in the small choices and decisions that we take every day.

For several years we have been given small steps in that direction, opting whenever is possible for natural fibers, such as cotton, linen or jute.

In 2014 we gave a giant step, introducing in the Portuguese market waterproof fabrics, that by its characteristics only needs a damp cloth for an effective cleaning. This simple characteristic provides a huge reduction in the water waste. One simple tablecloth of regular use may save thousands of litters of water during its life cycle.

In 2017 we start producing and converting many of our collections in organic cotton, with the certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which guarantees that the cotton has been grown without the use of pesticides and during the process hasn’t been exposed to harmful substances, being harmless in ecological terms and for human health as well as the use of socially responsible working conditions.

In 2019 we gave another important step for the sustainability of the planet, with the introduction of fabrics produced from recycled cotton and polyester produced from recycled bottles or fishing nets removed from the bottom of the sea, minimizing the waste of raw materials fundamentals for the rebalancing of the environment.

This is the ecological awareness that we’ve being instilling in our partners, suppliers and customers, for that together we manage to form a chain of sustainable consume, reversing the trend and ensuring the futures of the next generations in perfect balance with the Nature.

In 2021we assure that all of our fabrics are certified Made In Green / Trustworthy Textiles (OEKO-TEX® Standard), tested to harmful substances and are harmless to human health such as for the environment.

Because the futures it’s in our hands and we need to face it with trust.

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