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  • Loja de Lisboa

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Originally settled in a basement of 200m2 at Infantaria 16 street, in Campo de Ourique, Vidal Tecidos would move in the early 80’s to a 500m2 megastore at Saraiva de Carvalho's street, where today it is recognized throughout Lisbon’s population.

All the latest collections can be found in this space, as well as the Vidal Prestige collection.

More than a shop, is a mandatory place for all those who like to peek at fashion decoration.

In the year 2000, september 18th, a new Vidal Tecidos megastore opened at Boavista's Avenue (near the Oporto's City Park).

This is an unique space of 900m2, where in addition to the huge variety of fabrics, you can also find an rugs section and a showroom of couches.

More than a big bet from Vidal Tecidos, it is a success story in the northern Portugal.


You can find directions and contact information for both shops, on the contact page.

VIDAL Tecidos is an online fabric store, specializing in high-quality fabrics for professional and home use. Our fabrics are from major quality. New items are added weekly. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for updates on new items and promotions.